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SIXS Round Neck Merino thermoshirt Lange Mouwen Grijs Unisex

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Long-sleeve round neck jersey Merino Wool

A simple and extremely versatile knit in Carbon Merino Wool®, ideal for use as underwear or an intermediate layer.

The weight of the fabric, 164g/m2, makes this product particularly suitable for use at low temperatures.

The polypropylene layer in contact with the skin prevents accumulation of perspiration, providing unmatched comfort. The merino wool (one of the natural fibers with the highest thermoregulatory capabilities) is properly placed in the outer layer to act as a barrier.



After the huge success of the two models of socks (LUXURY MERINOS and ARROW MERINOS) whose composition included merinos wool, we decided to expand the range of products by creating a special line: MERINOS WOOL. Specific winter line with wool thermal regulation properties, which are superior to any other natural fiber and therefore acts in an excellent way as a barrier against the cold!


We wanted the comfort of the product when worn to be the same as that of the other products making up the SIXS catalog.

For this reason we decided to put polypropylene inside, in direct contact with the skin, and keep the merinos wool (known to be a bit rougher and bristlier than other yarns) outside.

The wool has heat regulation properties that are superior to any other natural fiber, and it acts as a barrier against cold.Polypropylene, on the other hand, is a hydrophobic yarn, meaning it does not absorb liquids and optimally manages perspiration.

Finally, carbon helps regulate heat, improves body microcirculation, and is bactericidal (fights bad odors) and antistatic.