MONTONSPORTS Cycling Bib Shorts Mens Urban+ Excol Black –

MONTONSPORTS Cycling Bib Shorts Mens Urban+ Excol Black

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Affordable cycling bib shorts with useful extra pockets ideal for adventure, touring and commuting.

Extra pockets for more food! The Excol cargo bib shorts have four extra pockets for carrying stuff and, most notably, an excellent chamois well tested perfect for big adventures. The extra storage is very useful when you are planning a long rides. In each leg you'll find a pocket for a bit of food, a gel, arm sleeves or anything that you are going to want to grab quickly while on the move. What's more, there are two more mesh pockets on the back which are secure even on rough road. You can stash heavier items in the rear pockets with no massive impact on comfort.

The bib shorts just eliminates the need for a traditional cycling jersey. You could wear a looser fitting casual top without worrying about the storage