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100% S3 HiPER Mirror Glasses - Matte Translucent Brown Fade/Silver + Clear

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100% S3 HiPER Mirror Glasses - Matte Translucent Brown Fade/Silver + Clear

The S3 combines the revolutionary design of the most popular 100% Performance eyewear: Speedcraft and S2. An upper frame with smooth transitions and the iconic, optimally ventilated nosepiece impress with a stylish look and high wearing comfort. Thanks to innovative lens technology, the large field of vision offers excellent vertical vision with outstanding optical accuracy and 100% UV protection. Durable frame and scratch-resistant coating make the S3 suitable for any type or level of cycling.

Highlights of the 100% S3 goggles

  • Ultra HD lenses made of high-impact and lightweight polycarbonate
  • Cylindrical 5.5 base lens for better peripheral vision and protection
  • 360º vision for unobstructed vision and optimal field of view
  • Bottom air vents for better ventilation and less moisture on the lens
  • Replaceable, scratch-resistant lenses provide 100% UV protection (UV400)
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic lens treatment repels water, dirt and oil
  • HiPER Silver Mirror Lens will be more mirrored in spring 2022

Scope of delivery

Hard case for safe storage of glasses, clear replacement lens, microfiber pouch and replacement nose bridge for alternative fit, instructions for safe lens replacement


Technologies of the 100% S3

100% Ultra HD lens

ULTRA HD is the lens of choice of the world's best racers. It is integrated with a shatterproof and impact resistant polycarbonate material that is specially molded with no optical distortion. The result is a lens designed to maximize protection while providing the clearest, most accurate view on the tracks.

HiPER Glass Technology

It's simple. Humans see three basic colors - red, green and blue. Human vision begins to distort where these three colors overlap. 100% HiPER lenses filter these overlaps in their own way, increasing contrast and making colors more vivid. By increasing contrast, riders experience a deeply defined view with unparalleled perception to feel every detail of the terrain.